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Crank - Silver - Triple 44x34x24

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Our own design, and the crank we put on 80 percent of the complete bike builds we do here. The SILVER crank is Smart and exceptionally nice looking, and has the design features we sought but couldn't quite find in any other. And it passes the most rigorous testing. A beautiful crank, and our favorite. Good for up to 10speed drivetrains. 

Crank lengths: 170mm, 173mm, 178mm.

BEST MATERIALS. There are two common aluminum alloys used in cranks. The strongest and best is 7075 T6 aluminum. That's what the SILVER is made of.

BEST MANUFACTURING METHOD. The SILVER crank is cold-forged. It's more expensive, but imparts a grain to the metal in a way that casting and machining doesn't. But nobody really casts cranks anymore (they used to). And some really fine cranks are machined. But they're machined because forging costs too much for small operations.

Make sure the bb spindle you get works with the front derailer you have. Road doubles are those with up to 110mm bb spindles, and they need road front derailers. If you use a 113 or wider spindle, you'll need a mountain front. 

If this is confusing to you, please call us and we'll help you get the right bottom bracket.

110/74 BCD

The chainrings are compatible with 10 speed and lower.   Crank bolts included.

Check out our gear inch calculator if you really want to fine tune your gearing.