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Platypus Complete Bike

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Platypus Complete Safe Assembly Checklist

These are for complete Platypus bikes, preassembled in Taiwan. They're coming with:

  • 55cm Tosco bars 
  • Silver cranks in a unique 42/30 chainring combo
  • Nitto Tallux stems
  • Soma Shikoro tires on the 700c bikes, and Gravelking SS plus on the 650b.
  • Silver Tektro V brakes
  • Tektro RS360 levers
  • Alex DM21 rims (narrower than the DM24s we've had on Clems. They're similar to the Velocity Atlas rim)
  • 9 speed Silver Sunrace cassettes 
  • Novatech hubs
  • Sunrace shifters and derailers 
  • No grips, no pedals and no saddle

    $25 from each sale will go to the Australian Platypus Conservancy. 

    We have framesets for sale too (or at least we do at the time of this writing) but these completes are easily a better value. An Antonio's pick Platty, for instance, costs a little under $3,700, and for that price you could get a preassembled-in-Taiwan $2,500 complete, have Rich build up a fancy, supplementary wheelset and still have money left over for bags and racks.

    That's the magic of buying parts straight from the source instead of through distributors. The completes aren't as meticulously assembled as Mark, James, or Antonio would do it, but they're a good enough deal that paying to have a bike shop or a competent mechanic friend bring it over the finish line is easily worth it. 

    There's a video of these bikes in action here.

    Can I add racks and fenders?

    Yes but we won't be able to install them unless you're local and picking the bike up here, and there'll be a labor charge ($35 and $100, respectively) for each. Not having to take each bike out of the box and then re-box it is part of the lower price.


    No kickstand. Add a Pletscher from our site if you'd like one.

    Relevant specs:

    • 135mm rear wheel spacing
    • 26.8 seatpost
    • 28.6 FD clamp
    • 68mm BSA BB shell
    • V-brake mounts
    • Geometry here


     PBH Ranges:

     50cm 74 - 81
    55cm 82 - 87
    60cm 87 - 96