Fun With Newbaum's - Confetti Bosco

Fun With Newbaum's - Confetti Bosco

I (James) have been collecting Newbaums scraps in this bag. Sometimes it comes in handy for mounting things like bells or wrapping chain-stays but today I realized I have way too much. I decided it would be fun to do a unique bar wrap using scraps. 

I used 13 sections of tape about 3-5" long and I didn't repeat any colors. I didn't start the project with any clear end goal in mind. It was all just for fun. 

I twined each section where two colors met. 

Here is the color before amber shellac.

and a couple photos after. Shellac really darkened the colors and gave the bar a nice fall palette. 

It was a fun experiment. At first I wasn't really into how bright it was but the amber colored shellac toned it all down. I think this would be a fun project for the home mechanic. 

Sorry but this won't be something we offer on custom builds. 

If you make an order and want to try this, send me an email and I'll send a small handful of random tape to you until my bag runs out.  

The 58cm Nitto and 10cm Tallux I did this on will be for sale and linked in Will's weekly Friday email. Sign up here