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Brooks B68 Saddle

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About the B.68

It dates to the early 1900s. It's about 205mm wide, a bit more than an inch wider than a 170mm B.17, so it's better for upright riding. It's honey brown with black rails, no other options. It doesn't come in an aftermarket box with a congratulatory note for picking Brooks. It comes with "OE" packaging, which means minimal, so they're fast to grab on an assembly line. You still get the saddle, it won't come to you the standard overly fancy Brooks box; it'll be in the box if we're shipping to you, or on your new bicycle if you come by for pickup.

Vegetable tanned leather top
Steel rail with black powder coating
Tubular steel rivets


L 260 x W 205 x H 54 mm
Weight: 553 g